For FS Garkalne

Association “Football School” Garkalne “” was founded in the 2010th On the 16th June.
Society “football school” Garkalne “” August 25, 2012, has been assigned a public benefit organization for the area – sports support.
activities of the Association are:

Children and school sporting events;
Encourage children and youth physical activity, good health and an active lifestyle throughout Garkalne and Latvian;
Organize children and young people useful pastime;
Empower children and young people from disadvantaged groups to engage in football;
Promote the development of football in Latvian, creating the necessary conditions for football activities, trainings and competitions among children and young people with different experiences, skills and abilities;
Interact with football enthusiasts and sports clubs, local authorities and other bodies and organizations;
Football as a sport promotion, inviting and motivating children and young people to football.
The young footballers in the world of football is given:

Football coaching consultant Paul Ashwort
football coach John Klibus (Fs “Garkalne”)
football coach Edgar Klibus (Fs “Garkalne”)
football coach Valdis Klibus (Fs “Garkalne”)
swimming coach Agneta Akseņenko (Fs “Garkalne”)